Hey Royals! With the craziness going on in the world like COVID-19, I know a lot of us if not most of us are home scrolling away on our timelines and twiddling our thumbs. For an introvert like myself, this is a dream; but for extroverts, you're wondering how you'll live without the outside world? So I'm here to help you survive your quarantine from an introvert's perspective.

Número uno! The best thing to do during this quarantine is learn a new skill. Teach yourself a second or third language, learn how to start a business, or learn how to play an instrument. We live in a digital age with all these resources at our fingertips, let's use them to our advantage. SkillShare is a really good online tool. They have online classes you can take on almost ANY subject from photography, design, and even calligraphy. This is how I learned how to do things with photography like editing. New members get two months free! So while you're sitting on your couch watching Netflix, hop online and learn something new.

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*

Number two (I'm not gonna pretend like I'm fluent in Spanish but I'm learning)! Of course during this pandemic we need to be cleansing our hands and homes, but we should be cleansing our mental as well. Mental health is a huge deal and we should be taking care of it at all times! But we are human and I can admit that sometimes life gets in the way and I forget to take care of my mind. I personally am taking this time to meditate, practicing self care, and doing things I truly enjoy (i.e. why I started Total Reign). Self care comes in all forms and is different for everyone. But just like we're taking precautions to make sure our immune system is healthy, other parts of our body are important to!

THREE! Go for a walk or a run. Be outdoors and appreciate nature! Although we're ordered to stay at home, you can still go outside. Getting some Vitamin D can cure a lot and even help your immune system. Just make sure your practicing social distancing, staying six feet away from other people.

Number four! Listen to some good music! A lot of artists are dropping music during this quarantine like Ari Lennox, PartyNextDoor, and Joyner Lucas. If you're an artist get in your creative space and drop some hits! If you're just a music curator like me, make some BOMB playlists! Here are a couple of my favorites at the moment:

Polo x Welcome to Englewood


Childish Gambino x 3.15.20

Jhené Aiko x Chilombo


There are many things you could be doing during this quarantine. If you're lucky to be around family actually be present. If you aren't physically with them call or write letters! But whatever you choose to do with this time make sure it's genuinely making you happy!

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