Perfect Morning "Routine"

Do you have a set routine? Every self-development blog, book, and podcast will tell you having a routine is beneficial for your health; mentally and physically! Well, me being a Gemini and an all around spontaneous individual, I am not one to stick to routines. However, I've created a morning routine that I actually get excited to do every day!

I am the farthest thing from a morning person and have always been that way, but as I got older I wanted to be productive and do more with my day. Although I hate routines because they lack adventure, I created one. Following this routine doesn't have set scheduled times which helps me not feel off track if one day I get up later than usual.

1. Grand Rising

Obviously, the first thing in a morning routine is to wake up, right? But how you wake up plays a huge part in the way you feel when you start your day! Whether I have to be at work or I'm chilling in the house, I always try to give myself ample time to slowly get up (showering at night saves me time in the mornings). Being able to not have to rush myself out the bed gives me a lot of satisfaction. TIP: Use your five senses to wake up and make yourself aware of your surroundings.

2. Drink Water

Drinking water when you first wake up helps to actually fire up your brain, kick start your metabolism and of course hydrate! Some nights I may leave a cup of water on my nightstand to drink in the morning; other times I pour a glass of cold water to help really wake me up.

3. Yoga & Meditation

This is my favorite part of the morning! I'm able to stretch and set my intentions for the day. Some days I just want to stretch out my bones but others I really enjoy a yoga workout. Youtube and Pinterest are good outlets for finding workouts; YogaWithAdriene has been one that I've found relaxing and easy to follow! Side Note: Yoga, going to the gym or simply taking a walk are all quality ways to start your day.

4. Breakfast

They say "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!", what they don't tell you is breakfast can be whatever time you make it. Whether it's 8am or 12pm, (mine is usually the latter one shhh...) breakfast is the first meal after your full sleep cycle, just make sure it's nutritious! Smoothies are my go-to normally because I don't have much time for breakfast and they're always super filling. I am a Pinterest junkie, so most of my breakfast ideas come from there. This is usually the time where I check social media, talk to my friends, and plan out my day!

This is where my morning routine ends because typically it's no longer morning :) My routine works for me since I don't have a set schedule. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit... what you do with it is solely up to you!

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