Essentials to a Fall Home

It doesn't matter what the weather is outside when the calendar hits September 1st; it's Fall. It's my favorite season! When it comes around, I'm always excited to decorate my apartment, watch spooky movies, eat comfort food, and do all the fun Fall activities. So let's fall into Fall! (Please ignore my corny wordplay)

My favorite thing is decorating and redecorating, no matter the season or occasion! But because I love the warmth of Fall colors, nothing makes me happier than decorating my space for this season. I believe you can transition into a Fall home with these essentials; a cozy throw and decorative pillows, some fall foliage, warm scented candles, and of course... PUMPKINS! I mean c'mon, is it really fall without pumpkins?

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Cozy Throws and Pillows:

Just like your favorite pair of sweats, a cozy throw will keep you warm all season long. The throw pillows will turn a plain couch into a Fall wonderland.

Fall Foliage:

I'm a big greenery person year-round, but during Fall, the different color leaves give me a nostalgic feeling. It reminds me of jumping in piles of raked leaves and them crunching beneath my feet. Michaels and Dollar Tree are known for their foliage and floral decor, and they're pretty inexpensive

Warm Scented Candles:

Who doesn't love a Warm Apple Pie candle burning while watching spooky movies? Candles are a must-have, and they bring the ambiance of Fall inside. Now we all know Bath and Body Works are known for their candles, but I'm here to drop you a gem; TJ Maxx! Their candles are cheap and smell HEAVENLY!


FUN FACT: Pumpkin was my nickname from my Dad.

Pumpkins really set off your fall decor, from the small trinkets to the real things. If you have an empty space in your home, fill it with a decorative pumpkin. Target's dollar bin is a great place to find in-season decor for the low! (I may have a slight obsession with Target and I am not responsible for any addiction they may cause you. Shop at your own risk!)

Now you have a cozy, warm, Fall-scented home. Now you can cuddle up on the couch and watch some scary movies (or Disney Halloween episodes)!

Enjoy your spooky season! 👻

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