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Polo is a local North Carolina artist hailing from Buffalo, New York. Polo has gained a love for music as an infant. Nate’s mother sang in choirs, on television, and attended a musical academy ever since middle school. His father played the bass and introduced Nate to instruments such as the piano, bass guitar, and the drums.

As Nate grew older and began to indulge in various career fields, he gained a deep connection to music when his parents divorced in 2005. “Music is one of my go-to safe havens,” he said; “I believe I would be dead without it”. As he developed more creative writing experience in Elementary school, Polo has started writing movies, plays, books, and poems to start off. Playing basketball and maintaining straight A’s through 8th grade lead him to the turning point in his life. In high school, Polo discovered what he wanted to do as a career, and it was no surprise to his mother he chose the music industry.

After dropping out of high school, he dropped his first mixtape, “The Black Label." Talking about his drug dealing friends, his lost mind, and his fathers’ abandonment he composed a mixtape that caught the attention of the local music A&R’s. In the process of making two other mixtapes Sugar EP and Ways2Believe, he has created his first brand Englewood. Derived from creativity, love, and supplying the fruits of his labor. He grew his brand to become a recognizable mantra for his fans. After his recent release of his hit song Don’t Need You featuring Adriana Gomez with a growing stream count of 31,000 listeners. Polo has decided to drop his first album, Welcome To Englewood.

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